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How To Plan Your Dream Culinary Road Trip

Nothing brings people together quite like food, so a culinary road trip ticks a lot of boxes for people. In fact, a culinary-themed event, in general, is hard to beat.

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Hi my name is Sheila. I love to cook, bake and create new recipes. I am so glad you are here. I created my blog Welcome To My Kitchen in 2009. My recipes: Pecan Praline Apple Pie and Beef And Mushrooms on Biscuits were created by me and published in the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks Harvest Homestyle Meals {2019] and the new released Moms Best Sunday Suppers (2023).I have worked fulltime for a pharmaceutical for the past 23 years. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my articles and recipes.


The Dos and Don’ts of DIY Kitchen Renovations

November 17, 2023

Completing your kitchen renovation is an exciting prospect full of immense promise.Here are some important dos and don’ts of DIY kitchen renovations. A kitchen renovation can rejuvenate a home, providing a fresh space for cooking,eating, and gathering with loved ones. Embarking on a do-it-yourself renovation journey requires preparation, foresight, and an understanding of key principles. Hereare the dos and don’ts of DIY kitchen renovations you…

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4 Tips To Prepare Your Garage for Winter

November 4, 2023

Winter will be here before you know it. Is your garage ready to brave the coldweather? Use these four tips to prepare your garage for winter. Snow flurries will soon start to fall, and icicles will elegantly descend from the roof.But before the time comes for shoveling snow and retrieving holiday décor, you mustthink about how your garage will withstand the quickly approaching winter. These…

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How To Make the Most out of Your Small Kitchen

Make the most out of your small kitchen with practical upgrades. Check out theseawesome suggestions and select your favorite kitchen enhancements! Cooking is a joyous activity, but it can quickly turn into a stressful one if you lackspace in your kitchen. Although small kitchens are challenging to work with, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality and your love for cooking. Here aresome tips…

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What To Do if One of Your Appliances Stops Working

November 1, 2023

As convenient and helpful as home appliances are, they sometimes break ormalfunction. Here’s what to do if one of your appliances stops working. When a household appliance stops working, it can be more than just aninconvenience—it might disrupt your daily routine or even pose a risk to your home ifnot addressed promptly. We’ll explain what to do if one of your appliances stops working. Whether…

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5 Updates To Make to Your Kitchen for the Holidays

October 25, 2023

With the holidays on their way, you need to start preparing to host your friends andfamily. Here are some updates to make to your kitchen this season! The holiday season is right around the corner, so the time to prepare your kitchen forthe festivities is now! Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner, throwing a holidayparty, or simply creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you…

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Sheila's Kitchen Chronicles: A Southern Baking Journey

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