Sheila’s Kitchen Chronicles: A Southern Baking Journey

April 5, 2024

Hi there! I’m Sheila, the heart and soul behind Welcome to My Kitchen, my cozy corner of the internet since 2009. Born and raised in the vibrant state of Texas, my journey has been flavored with a deep love for culinary adventures, both in my kitchen and through my travels. There’s nothing quite like exploring new restaurants and bringing a taste of the world back home.

Baking is my passion; it’s where I channel my creativity and affection, crafting treats that warm the soul. I’m delighted to share my signature recipes, like the irresistible Pecan Praline Apple Pie and the comforting Beef and Mushrooms on Biscuits, featured in esteemed cookbooks like Harvest Homestyle Meals (2019) and Moms Best Sunday Suppers (2023) by Gooseberry Patch. These dishes are more than recipes; they’re a piece of my heart, offered to you.

While I’ve dedicated 23 years to the same company by day, my true joy resides in the kitchen, where I cook, bake, and conjure up new flavors. I’m thrilled to have you here. My aspiration is that my blog, articles, recipes, and this book will bring as much delight to your table as they do to mine. My cookbook is now for sale on Amazon in kindle, paperback and hardcover versions. Below are some of the recipes featured in my cookbook.

Thank you for visiting. Let’s embark on a delicious journey together!



Sheila's Kitchen Chronicles: A Southern Baking Journey

Available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover Edition.