4 Common Problems With Home Refrigerators

April 4, 2024

A home’s refrigerator is a safe place for food and beverage storage, but it’s not
without its unique flaws. Here are four common problems with home fridges.

Refrigerators are the silent heroes of our kitchens, tirelessly keeping our food fresh
and our drinks cold. However, just like any other appliance, they sometimes throw in
the towel and experience issues that leave us perplexed or concerned. If you’ve ever been curious about a fridge that seems to be on the fritz, you’re not alone. Here are
four common problems with home refrigerators and what you can do to fix them.

Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly
When your refrigerator suddenly seems to lose its cool, it’s more than an
inconvenience; it can lead to spoiled food and a potentially hefty grocery bill.
Typically, insufficient cooling is a common problem, but air leaks are most prevalent.

Warm Air Leaks
Check the gaskets that seal the fridge doors. If warm air is getting in, the fridge must
work harder to stay cool. Ensure the seals are clean and in good condition, and
consider employing the dollar bill test to check for a tight seal.

Excessive Frost Build-Up
Too much frost in your freezer can cause various problems, from blocking drawers to
potentially masking the warning signs of other issues. The likely suspects for this
kind of build-up are typically door seal issues or defective defrosts.
Door Seal Issues
Just like warm air leaks can upend the temperature in your refrigerator, a faulty door
seal can cause issues in the freezer, leading to frost build-up.

Defective Defrost System
If your fridge is not cycling through its defrost mode properly, it could cause an
imbalance and result in too much frost. A defrost system typically comprises a
heater, bi-metal thermostat, and timer or adaptive defrost control. Any of these parts
can malfunction.

Water Leakage
Discovering a puddle of water under your fridge is never a welcome surprise. It’s
essential to address this promptly to avoid any electrical or mildew complications.
Clogged Defrost Drain
The defrost drain can become clogged with food particles or ice and lead to water
overflow or returning into the fridge. Clearing the drain tube is the best solution.
Unusual Noises

If your refrigerator is making noises outside that you feel is normal or relative to its
basic functions, this could be a sign of a bigger problem. Unusual sounds are
relatively worrisome, but they usually indicate issues related to the fan.

Evaporator and Condenser Fan Issues
Fans become noisy when they’re wearing out, and you might also notice your fridge
isn’t as cool as it should be. Check and replace the fans if there’s significant noise or
resistance to turning.

Compressor Struggle
If your compressor is struggling, it may be a sign that your fridge is low on coolant or
that the motor is on its way out. These are more significant repairs best handled by
your local appliance repair professional.
Remember, your home’s refrigerator is a sophisticated appliance with many moving
parts, but it’s not immune to a few common problems. If you’re not comfortable
diagnosing or repairing the problem yourself, don’t be afraid to reach out to a
professional appliance service. It’s better for your fridge, your food, and your peace
of mind.


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