4 Tips To Prepare Your Garage for Winter

November 4, 2023

Winter will be here before you know it. Is your garage ready to brave the cold
weather? Use these four tips to prepare your garage for winter.

Snow flurries will soon start to fall, and icicles will elegantly descend from the roof.
But before the time comes for shoveling snow and retrieving holiday décor, you must
think about how your garage will withstand the quickly approaching winter. These

four tips to prepare your garage for winter to ensure you’re ready for the frigid

Check for Any Garage Door Damages
The garage door is the first line of defense against the cold winter weather. If the
door has any warped panels, cracks, or holes, cold air will easily seep through. This
could possibly harm all the belongings in the garage.
Seek assistance from a professional garage repair company. They can fix any of this
damage to guarantee your garage will withstand the cold winter conditions.
Once that’s complete, you can follow techniques for lubricating the garage door. The
door will stop squeaking, the parts will function smoothly, and you’ll have a fully
functional garage that’s ready to brave the cold.

Replace the Weatherstripping
Replacing your garage’s weatherstripping before winter can make a big difference!
Over time, it becomes dry and brittle. Gaps and cracks will form and allow cold air to
enter the garage. To improve the garage’s insulation, you may need to replace the
Gently remove the old weatherstripping with a pry bar or a screwdriver. Measure the
length of the door, and the width of the gap between the door and the floor. Then,
purchase a weatherstripping kit based on the measurements you took note of.
Follow the directions as instructed on the weatherstripping kit. Afterward, check to
ensure there are no gaps and that the door closes smoothly.

Install a Garage Heater
The repaired garage door and new weatherstripping serve as reliable sources of
insulation. But if you commonly find yourself working on projects like car repairs or
organizing items in the garage, you’ll benefit from installing a garage heater. There
are three different styles to choose from:

Electric garage heaters: These heaters are easy to install and operate to
serve as a reliable heat source. They’re suitable for small- to medium-sized
garages. This style is likely to increase your electricity bill.

Propane garage heaters: Propane heaters deliver powerful heating
capabilities. They’re well-suited for larger garages, but proper ventilation is
necessary for safe operation.

Infrared garage heaters: These heaters operate by emitting infrared light,
which provide warmth. They’re energy-efficient and ensure even heat
distribution. As a result, they’re ideal for all garage sizes.

Improve the Garage’s Ventilation
Proper garage ventilation prevents moisture accumulation, expels harmful fumes,
and promotes good air quality. Two of the best options are exhaust fans and air
Exhaust fans will pull out stale air from the garage and replace it with fresh air from
outside. These devices are often on the walls or ceiling of the garage.
Another option is to install two air vents at different heights on the garage wall to
create natural airflow. The lower vent will permit fresh air from outside to enter, and
the upper vent will allow hot air to escape.
Using each of these tips to prepare your garage for winter will guarantee it’s ready to
handle cold weather conditions. You can rest assured that all holiday decorations,
outdoor equipment, and vehicles are safe this season.


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