Style 101: Popular Interior Design StylesTo Know

October 7, 2023

Learning about different interior styles is the first step toward updating your home
aesthetic. Check out some popular interior design styles to know today!

Your home is more than a place to store your possessions; it’s a representation of
who you are! If you need a style revamp, consider switching your interior design.

Take a look at the most popular interior design styles to help you choose the perfect
one for your home.
Scandinavian Style
The Scandinavian style originates from the Nordic region and offers simplicity,
elegance, and practicality. The style incorporates minimalism, clean lines, and a
balance between light and dark hues. It also uses natural and sustainable materials
like wood and wicker. You can add greenery to your rooms and wood pieces in the
kitchen, like wooden cutting boards, cutlery, and leafy décor.
European Style
European interior design offers elegance, sophistication, and enduring beauty. It
draws inspiration from various European countries, each with unique historical
influences. You can transform your home with European flair through pastel hues,
reclaimed wooden beams, and other subtle features. Associate European style with
“less is more.”
Traditional Style
As the name implies, traditional interior design is timeless. This style features rich,
dark colors—brown, red, and gold. Traditional furniture has wood components and
intricate details. This design takes inspiration from the European classic styles and
focuses on elegance.
Industrial Style
Raw and refined pieces define the industrial style. This design originates from
converting warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings into living spaces. It’s
all about textures, raw architecture, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Industrial
styles use a variety of accessories to make a space more unique. Steel cabinets,
exposed pipes, or brick walls are a few elements of this aesthetic.
Bohemian Style
The bohemian style is free-spirited and colorful. Choose stylish rugs, pillows, and
vintage posters to decorate your home. Without a doubt, the Bohemian style creates
a unique environment that reflects the beauty of the natural world! Look for colorful
Moroccan-style ceramics, patterned textiles like cushions or table runners, and
unique kitchenware for your kitchen. Incorporate handmade items to add diversity
and personal elements to your kitchen.

Rustic Style
Rustic is a popular interior design style that emphasizes cozy and comfortable living.
This style features natural materials like wood and stone. It also incorporates earthy
colors, such as maroon, olive, and terracotta. The goal is to create a comfortable
living space with an old-school aesthetic. This style is perfect for people who want to
create a warm and welcoming home for family and friends.
Choosing an interior design that reflects your personality can take time. With
knowledge of these popular design styles, you can create a space that suits your


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