How To Deep Clean a Kitchen and Keep It Clean

September 20, 2023

A kitchen should be sanitary to cook in. Even if you clean daily, your kitchen
sometimes needs a deep cleaning. Learn how to deep clean your kitchen here.

The kitchen is where we gather, cook, and visit. It’s also one of the dirtiest spots in a
home. Not only does this popular space have a lot of traffic, but it collects spills, dirty
dishes, grease, and unidentified odors. If you’d like a clean slate in your kitchen so you can easily keep it shining and fresh, learn below how to deep clean your kitchen and keep it clean.

Put an End To Clutter
You can’t clean every area of the kitchen when there is too much clutter. Here are
some ideas to help you rid your kitchen of unnecessary items:
Clear off the counters and only put back what you use daily.
Clear off the top of the refrigerator.
Clean out the junk drawer.
Clear off the top of the microwave if it’s on the counter.
Make a pile as you remove items. After that, go through that pile and give everything
a place. If it doesn’t belong in the kitchen, put it where it belongs. If an item isn’t
necessary anymore, it can go to one of three places: the donate, sell, or trash pile.

Clean Key Areas
You should prioritize cleaning the following three most-used parts of your kitchen.

The Sink
The sink is a kitchen appliance you use constantly, and it needs some attention. As
you look at the faucet, you may notice mineral deposits from hard water buildup,
unless you have a good water softener. However, if you have one and you still see
caked-on minerals, it’s one of the signs you need your water softener serviced, so
take care of that ASAP. Either way, start by removing mineral deposits with a cleaner
designed to break them up.
Once that’s taken care of, scour the sink and faucet with a gentle cleaner, such as
Bar Keepers Friend, to remove stains. Dry and buff everything to make it shine.

The Stovetop and Oven
To deep clean your stovetop and oven, remove all the grates and run them through
the dishwasher. While that’s running, turn the oven on self-clean.
With warm, soapy water and a soft rag, wash the top of the stove. Once it’s dry, use
a window cleaner or a cleaner designed for stainless steel and shine the stovetop
and the entire outside of the oven. Once the grates are dry, put them back. Don’t
forget to turn off the oven if necessary.

The Countertops

Remove everything from your newly decluttered countertops and set it all aside.
Thoroughly wash the counters as you normally would, and make sure you get all the
areas you can’t usually get to. Once they are dry, you can shine granite or quartz
counters with sprays designed for those materials.

Keep It Clean
You can keep your deep-cleaned kitchen sparkling with the following tips:
Clean as you go while cooking.
Clean up meals as soon as possible.
Wipe off all surfaces immediately after spills and cooking.
Create a schedule to do a basic cleaning once a week, and include shining
the counters and appliances.
You can deep clean your kitchen and keep it clean when you break it down into
these easy steps.


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