Simple Ingredients That Can Elevate YourBaked Goods

August 26, 2023

Nothing compares to homemade treats. They’re delicious, satisfying, and made with
love. However, some baked goods deserve a recipe revamp. Explore some simple
ingredients that can elevate your baked goods and use them soon!

Sour Cream
There’s nothing worse than a dry cake that leaves you reaching for a glass of milk.
Luckily, sour cream can boost moisture! The high-fat content in sour cream makes
baked goods moist, tender, and rich. Additionally, the subtle tangy flavor balances
cake batters and cuts sweetness. You’ll enjoy a delightful treat without a mouth full of
Instant Pudding
Do you want to know the secret to melt-in-your-mouth cookies? It’s pudding! Using
instant pudding mix is one of the best tips for creating the ultimate chocolate chip
because it contributes to a soft texture. Instead of thin, crunchy cookies,
you’ll have cake-like treats that taste amazing!
The best part is that instant pudding mix works for other baked goods too. The sugar
in pudding mix helps desserts retain moisture and achieve a tender texture.
Remember to combine the mix with your dry ingredients to fully incorporate the
Coffee amplifies chocolate flavor because the bitter beverage balances the
sweetness of desserts. You can use coffee as a moisture agent or flavor enhancer.
Use espresso or black coffee for an intense flavor or light roast brew for milder
tastes. A few splashes of coffee in your favorite chocolate recipes will instantly
enhance the desserts.
Vanilla Bean Paste
You probably use vanilla extract to imbue cake and cookie batters with a familiar and
delicious flavor. However, vanilla bean paste is a simple ingredient that can elevate
your baked goods. It’s a syrup-like paste with tiny vanilla seeds. This bean paste
offers a more intense, complex flavor that enhances desserts with thick
consistencies. From French macarons to glazed donuts, a teaspoon of vanilla paste
can transform virtually any treat.
Melted Ice Cream
Generally, we eat ice cream before it melts, but the soupy texture can benefit your
baked goods. Melted ice cream has the same thick consistency as whipping cream.
You can use equal parts melted ice cream as a whipping cream substitute. Using ice cream

adds moisture to your treats as well as extra sugar. It’s best to use plain
flavors such as chocolate or vanilla rather than ice cream with toppings. Instead, use
candy pieces or other added treats to change the texture of baked goods.


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