The Seasoning Arsenal You Should Always Have At The Ready

November 29, 2022
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If you’re looking to make healthier meals a lot tastier, trying to do your best with some of the whiter cuts of meat, or you simply want to unlock the taste sensations that you deserve from your meals, then seasoning is going to play a huge role in doing just that. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most versatile and worthwhile seasoning options that you should get in your pantry.

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A little kick can go a long way in making your meals less boring. You shouldn’t just keep chili for your chili recipes. You should be ready to add it to other meats, especially white meats, and oily fish, like salmon, in the form of chili flakes and oil. You can get to learn which measurement gives you precisely the level of sweet heat that you prefer.


If you want to add some spice but you don’t want the immediate heat that can set your tongue ablaze, then paprika, made from powdered red peppers, might just be the thing you need. It can offer a little coolness to your hotter meals, but smoking it can also add an almost BBQ-like smokiness to your meals, as well. To that end, you can make a paprika dry rub really easily that can be applied to all manner of meat meals.


When it comes to the more pungent seasonings, onion tends to be one of the more popular. It’s easy to find and a lot easier to cook. However, with garlic, you don’t need to use anywhere near as much to get some delicious flavor. This easy brown sugar garlic chicken shows how you can really soak it into your meats. It’s easy to balance so that it doesn’t overpower the meal but really layers in that taste.


There is all manner of ways to cook with citrus. It can help add a little zest and tangy sweetness to your more savory meals. It can brighten up and freshen some of the more boring salads that you might make. It can even help to temper some of your spicy meals without dulling their edges too much. Whether it’s lemon, lime, or others, you can cook using the juices, you can buy zest directly from the stores, or you can even cook with the peels themselves.


A lot of people can get nervous about using more herbs in their cooking because there are a lot of them and it takes an educated palate to get an idea of which ones add which kind of flavor. If you want one herb to start off with, however, basil is great for bringing a lightness that’s well paired with heavier meals.

With even just the five examples, you can see such a huge difference in your meals, but there are even more options like rosemary, sage, thyme, and the like. Get to learn the effects that seasoning has on your meals to take your cooking to the real next level.

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