The Healthy Foods You Should Learn To Make At Home

July 21, 2022
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If you are keen to eat as healthily as possible, then it is always a good idea to look into what kinds of foods you might be able to make at home, as doing this right could be a really important thing indeed. The truth is that there are plenty of healthy foods you can easily make yourself at home, many of them even with no experience at all, and doing so is a really enjoyable and beneficial thing for anyone to do. Let’s take a look right now at some of the best healthy foods that you can make at home, and how you can go about producing them.

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Salmon Pasta

This is a really simple and delicious meal which is yet very healthy for you, especially if you make a couple of good decisions regarding which kinds of ingredients to use. For instance, opting for wholemeal pasta is generally going to be healthier for you, and if you want the salmon to be a little better for you, make sure that you go for high-welfare options. But in general, it’s healthy enough anyway, and a weekly portion of salmon is good for you and for your brain. To make this dish, you can pan-fry the salmon with some green beans and a little mustard, or even just put it in the oven for an even healthier option, and then mix with the pasta of your choice.


For those cheese-lovers out there, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to make a cheese at home that is not too fatty or too salty. The truth is you can, and one of the best options you have here is paneer. This is a traditional Indian cheese, and it’s very soft and light, and used in a number of dishes. What’s more, it’s also very straightforward to make it at home yourself, and you’ll find that you can do so very simply and easily. It’s one of the healthier cheeses around, so this is worth thinking about. A good homemade paneer should be in your repertoire as soon as possible.

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If you have not cooked a paella before, the good news is that it is actually a lot simpler than people tend to believe. Plus, it tends to produce a very delicious meal that you can ensure is as healthy as possible. If you are careful about what you put in it, it could be a very healthy and nutritious dish indeed. The main thing to remember with paella is that it is a dish you are not meant to stir. In fact, if you do manage to get the crusty burnt bit on the bottom, that is traditionally taken as a good sign, and it means that you are doing it right. Remember too that a good paella requires good quality stock, so don’t skimp here and you’ll find that it really does pay off in the end. It’s an amazing and simple dish that can be very healthy indeed.

Pea & Spinach Carbonara

The traditional carbonara is, let’s be honest, not the healthiest meal in the world, consisting as it does of eggs, cream and butter primarily, and a whole load of cheese. However, there are some healthier alternatives that will give you the same kind of experience, and a good example of that is this beautiful pea and spinach carbonara. This has the flavor of a good carbonara, but it’s also got plenty of fiber and other good stuff in it too, so you can eat it without the guilt afterwards. And again, if you use wholemeal pasta, then it will be even better for you too.

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Egg-Fried Rice

This dish has the benefit of being both incredibly simple to make and very good for you. In fact, it’s one of those meals that are basically as healthy as you want to make them, as it depends on what you put with it. But even with a traditional type of egg-fried rice, you are generally going to find that it’s pretty good for you: peas and other greens, beansprouts, some rice, and a little egg is all that’s required. You might want to limit the amount of soy sauce you use if you are particularly concerned about sodium intake, but other than that this is a pretty healthy dish that can also be truly delicious.

Those are just some of the meals and foods that you might want to start making at home, and which can be surprisingly delicious and healthy.

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