4 Homemade Snack Ideas For The Whole Family

April 6, 2022
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Snacks are popular for kids and adults alike. But if you read the packet of something you buy in the grocery store, you might be horrified at what you find. Store-bought snacks are generally full of sugar, salt, fat, and other additives that you don’t necessarily want to eat all the time.

So, what can you do? The good news is that you don’t need to cut out snacks completely. Rather, these homemade snack ideas can scratch the same itch, without including the additives. It is possible to snack healthily, it just takes a little thought.

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  1. Fruity Treats

The simplest healthy treat to snack on can be found in your fruit bowl. A portion of berries is sweet, delicious, and good for you. Or just pick up an apple or banana on the go and satisfy your hunger in a nutritious way.

If you want something more exciting than fruit, you can still get many of the same benefits by turning it into a smoothie. Smoothies are lower in fiber than raw fruit and often have a little added sugar, but they’re jammed full of nutritious fruit and are filling.

You can make a simple smoothie using a banana, some frozen berries, and a little bit of fruit juice. If it’s a bit acidic, then add some honey and greek yogurt. A pinch of salt can make it seem sweeter and you’re ready to blitz and enjoy.

  1. Homemade Granola

Granola is sweet, crunchy, and perfect for a quick meal or snack. You can eat it straight from the bowl or serve it with yogurt. You can buy granola from the store, but you don’t always know what’s in it. Often, store-bought granola can be full of sweeteners.

When you make granola at home, you can control how sweet you make it and what other goodies you want to include. This homemade granola recipe is a great all-rounder, as it’s sweet and crunchy and tastes so delicious.

  1. Healthy Snacking Dips

A classic snack is chips and dip. You can already make this healthier by switching the chips out for carrot sticks or if you fancy a carbohydrate, some toasted pitta bread. Basic crunchy chips can also be made by cutting tortillas into triangles and baking them until they’re crispy.

Making the dip at home will also boost the healthiness of your snack. You can make salsa and guacamole at home if you prefer the traditional dip options. Hummus is another delicious dip, and it pairs brilliantly with the aforementioned carrot sticks.

  1. Homemade Popcorn

Sometimes you want a snack that doesn’t feel healthy. Well, popcorn is a great option. When you make it yourself, you’ll find that it only needs a little bit of fat and some flavorings to make a delicious snack. You can keep it simple and go with sugar or salt for a classic snack. Or, you can add some more interesting flavors. For example, this easy cinnamon popcorn is similar to store-bought caramel popcorn, but it’s much healthier.

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