Delicious Foods That Help Kickstart Weight Loss

November 25, 2021

It’s no secret that many people struggle with weight loss. There are so many factors that contribute to this, but one of the most common is a lack of motivation. When you’re feeling discouraged and unmotivated about your weight loss journey, it can be challenging to make healthy food choices at the moment! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of delicious foods that will help get you back on track with your diet and kickstart weight loss!

boiled eggs on a plate

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There is a big misconception that avocado is fattening. On the contrary, studies have shown that healthy fats like oleic acid and monounsaturated fat in avocado can assist in weight loss. In addition, it’s high in fiber, which means it will keep you full longer, and research has shown that eating half an avocado before meals reduces the number of calories consumed at the meal by 20%. So go ahead and make that delicious guacamole dip when the craving hits.

Almond Butter

Eating a high protein diet is essential for losing weight and building lean muscle, but it can often be boring and leave you feeling unsatisfied. Almond butter, however, offers a healthy dose of protein with only three grams of sugar and two grams of carbs per serving. Almonds are also excellent sources of magnesium, fiber, vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your cells against damage), calcium (essential for keeping strong bones) & monounsaturated fats, which lower cholesterol levels. This delicious nut butter makes a great addition to your morning smoothie or post-workout snack!

Dark Chocolate

Getting enough antioxidants in your diet can help reduce disease risk, improve heart health and even protect against sun damage. Dark chocolate is one of the best sources of these powerful antioxidant compounds. It also contains other essential nutrients like iron which helps transport oxygen throughout our bodies, manganese (which regulates blood sugar levels), and magnesium (which regulates nerve and muscle function).


Salmon is an excellent source of protein for weight loss, but it also contains essential vitamins and minerals that can help you lose weight. Three ounces of wild salmon contain 19 grams of protein and vitamin A, which helps regulate our immune systems, supports healthy vision and speeds up metabolism. Vitamin B12 found in each serving is essential for a healthy metabolism, and omega-three fatty acids can help reduce inflammation. The omega-three fatty acid found in salmon, DHA, can also regulate insulin production, necessary for weight loss.


Oatmeal is a great option for those trying to lose weight as it’s high in fiber and protein. The combination of the two will leave you full longer, so be sure to start your day with oatmeal before breakfast if you want an effective way to kickstart weight loss! Top athletes almost always have a diet that includes oatmeal for this exact reason. Make this delicious healthy oatmeal pancake recipe when you are craving pancakes.


Some people might not think of yogurt as a weight-loss food, but it is! Studies have shown that those who eat about four servings of dairy each day are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. Yogurt contains calcium which has been linked with calorie burning in multiple studies. It also contains protein, which is great for keeping you full during the day.


Rich in protein, which can increase feelings of fullness and reduce appetite. Eggs also contain nutrients like vitamin B-12, folate, iron, and riboflavin that help keep blood sugar levels on track, so you don’t get hungry again too soon after eating them. So many amazing recipes include eggs, making this food a winner on your weight loss journey.

Coconut Oil

Research has shown that coconut oil’s medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) can boost the body’s ability to burn fat. Coconut oil is also more likely than other fats to be used as an energy source rather than stored, making it a double win for weight loss. Just two tablespoons of coconut oil per day provide enough MCTs to help you lose weight.


Grapefruit is delicious food that can help with weight loss. Grapefruits are excellent sources of dietary fiber. Studies have also shown grapefruit to be beneficial in the fight against obesity and cardiovascular disease because it’s high in vitamin C and potassium, both excellent antioxidants. Grapefruits also contain a phytonutrient called naringenin which helps with weight management. Grapefruit is great for your health and can help kickstart weight loss when eaten in moderation daily.

Most people think you have to cut out whole food groups or eat a deficient calorie diet to lose weight. The truth about weight loss is finding a good balance of healthy food and alternatives for the unhealthy ones and balancing it with an exercise routine. It’s a lifestyle and not something that will happen overnight. You should take your time getting into your new healthy lifestyle, and soon you will see the pound melt off and stay off.