Tips for Reducing Kitchen Waste

May 7, 2021
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If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, you will undoubtedly have noticed that it can produce a lot of waste, both in terms of food and packaging. Most of us hate the idea of waste, but it seems almost inevitable in the kitchen – it really isn’t. Below you will find some handy tips for reducing the waste in your kitchen with ease.

1. Meal plan

One of the best ways to reduce food waste in the kitchen is to plan your meals in advance. When you plan exactly what you are going to eat for seven days, you will only need to buy those exact ingredients, which means, in theory, your waste should be minimal.

2. Take your own containers

More and more stores are allowing customers to take their own reusable containers in which to place produce like fruits, veggies and beans, and legumes, even meat. By using your own containers each time, you can cut down on the amount of unnecessary packaging waste you use. If this isn’t possible for you, look for brands that are aiming to make their packaging minimal and plastic-free; as you can see from these  No Evil Foods reviews, this is becoming increasingly common, and will at least minimize the impact of the trash you do produce in the kitchen.

3. Save the scraps

Another great way to reduce food waste, that most people don’t even think about, is saving their fruit and vegetable peelings. As long as you’ve washed your fruit and veggies first, the peelings will be perfectly fine to consume and you can use to create homemade stocks and soups amongst other things. Just keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

Pexels – CCO Licence

4. Keep those takeout containers

Don’t throw out those takeout containers! Keep them in the kitchen cupboard and you can use them to freeze leftovers or batch-cooked meals and keep them out of landfill where they won’t do anyone any good. 

5. Make smoothies

If your fruits and veggies are a little past their best so that they are not appetizing to eat whole, but still perfectly edible, throw them into a blender with a little milk or fruit juice and create a healthy nutritious smoothie instead. This will disguise the fact it isn’t quite as fresh as it could be, while also giving you a huge nutritional boost.

6. Use food sharing apps

Right now, there are a number of apps that will enable you to share any excess food you have with others in your community who may have a need for it. This is perfect for getting rid of food that’s nearly ready to expire, but which you won’t be able to use before it does, and it will also do some good in your neighborhood while cutting down on kitchen waste.

7. Bulk out meals with leftovers

It’s not always possible, but often you can bulk out new meals with leftovers. For example, adding your leftover tomato soup to a pasta bolognese will work well as will topping your pizza with leftover meatballs. Be creative, and you’ll be surprised what you can do with your leftovers.

Kitchen waste really doesn’t have to be inevitable!

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