Top Winter Cooking Tips

November 25, 2020
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Winter is finally well and truly on the way, and with it comes one of the best (if not the best) seasons for food. As soon as the weather turns cold outside and the nights are longer, there is more time to spend cooking up a storm in the kitchen, whipping up a delicious soup, batches of brownies, and comforting pies. No matter your food preference, there are so many fantastic winter recipes out there. Get ready to stock up your food cupboard, update your shopping list, and while away the misery of the cold months with a host of memorable meals. Here are some top cooking tips and ideas…

  1. Give raclette a go

Winter is the best time of year for raclette. There is nothing more comforting than piles of delicious, hot cheese that you get to watch melt. There are many raclette sets out there to purchase, or you can put the raclette on a terracotta tile and pop it near an outdoor fire. As soon as the cheese starts to melt, scrape it off onto chunks of freshly baked bread, jacket potatoes, or with pickles. This is a very simple yet unmissable meal for the winter you won’t forget in a hurry. 

  1. Prepare in advance

When it is cold and miserable outside, the last thing you will want to do is keep nipping to the shops. Make a big list at the start of the season of things you will need (such as herbs and spices) and stock up. Think about items that you can freeze in advance, and when you first make them, double up on the batch and store these correctly to use at a later date. (This could be an idea for things such as stock, gravies, and other sauces.) Remember when out and about, no matter the time of year, if you happen to get hurt, to get in touch with a successful personal injury law firm. You don’t want to put in the hard work for this festive season of food to not be able to enjoy it.

  1. Mulled wine

If you are looking to fill your home with tantalizing, festive scents, then look no further than mulled wine this winter. You can make this for yourself at home, or for if you have friends coming round to visit. It is super easy to make, deliciously fragrant, and a great way to warm up after a long day and being out in the cold. Mulled wine is made from red wine mixed with a warming blend of spices that is usually served hot.

  1. Time to switch your spices

Winter is the time to switch up the herbs and spices that you use in your cooking. Add in warm spices such as nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon to both your savory cooking and your puddings for seasonal flavorings that are sure to get the tastebuds tingling. Not only will it taste amazing, but your whole home will smell cozy and inviting too! Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors and discover what you like and what goes well together. 

  1. Make the most of a slow cooker

This time of year calls for tender, slow-cooked meats, and stews. There are so many recipes out there; take a look through some books and online until you find ones you want to try. Whether you are after a slow-cooked chicken stew, tender gammon, or chili, the slow cooker is a great way to do this. And the best part? You can pop it all in the cooker, then go out on a crisp winter walk, arriving back to the fragrant smells of your freshly cooked dish. 

  1. Up your hot chocolate game

This time of year calls for mugs of steaming hot chocolate. Instead of just spooning the instant powder into a mug and adding hot water or milk, take your time and up your hot chocolate game. There are so many unique recipes out there that will add a kick to the favored hot drink. Why not add in a splash of Baileys or red wine for an adult mashup of flavors, alternative add in peppermint or chili for a festive kick. For something sweeter, caramel or cream is always a good shout.

These are just a few top winter cooking tips to help you make the most of the changing season. It is the best time to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen. Not only is it the time to eat, enjoy and embrace food, but with less to do outside, you have plenty of time on your hands. 

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