Easy Ways To Eat More Fruit And Veg

October 4, 2020
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Nutritional guidelines vary around the world. The WHO recommends we eat 400g of fruit and vegetables a day. In the UK, the recommendation is  five different portions of fruit and veg a day. In Australia, it’s five portions of vegetables and two of fruit. In the US, we’re encouraged to eat four servings of fruit and five of veg. Some countries, like China, are encouraging citizens to eat less meat, and others, like Sweden and Germany, are focused on sustainability as well as nutrition.

While the recommendations are different, most countries have one thing in common. The average member of the population isn’t eating enough fruit and vegetables. 

The truth is, it can seem difficult, almost impossible. Eating at least five portions of fruit and veg a day is challenging, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy them. 

Why We Should Eat More Fruit and Veg

Fruit and vegetables are good for you. They are filled with vitamins and minerals that improve heart health and boost your brainpower, helping you feel more alert and lowering your blood pressure. Filling up on healthy foods also means that you are less likely to be obese

But, it’s important to note that most fruits are very high in sugar, so you should still prioritize vegetables and avoid snacking on too many sugary fruits and fruit juices. 

Start the Day with a Smoothie

Starting the day with a smoothie is the easiest way to get a head start on your fruit and Veg. This green spinach juice recipe is perfect, as it contains both fruit and vegetables. 

If you don’t like smoothies, a fruit salad, overnight oats, and smoothie bowls can also help you to get at least three portions in before you leave the house. 

Make Some Soups

Homemade soup is much healthier than store-bought, and an easy way to eat more vegetables. Blend your favorite veg down with some stock, add some seasoning, and you’ve got a healthy meal with plenty of nutritional benefits. 

Add Veg to Meals

You can add vegetables to most meals. Add chunky peppers, zucchini, onions, eggplant, cauliflower, and other favorites to stews, casseroles, pasta bakes, and lasagnas for a filling and tasty dinner, with at least two portions of fruit and veg per serving. 

Bake with Vegetables

Carrot cake certainly isn’t the only sweet treat made with vegetables. Parsnip cake, zucchini brownies, and sweet potato brownies are fantastic too. 

Make Sauces with Vegetables

Puree vegetables like peppers, onions, and chili to use in your pasta sauces. No one will even know they are there. 

Get Roasting

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and peppers could satisfy it, while you enjoy another portion of fruit and vegetables. 

Add Fruits to Salads

Apple, pear, raisins, and other fruits are wonderful in salads, and even with pasta. 

To eat more fruit and veg experiment. Don’t feel as though they have to be separate, either as snacks or side orders. The best way to eat more vegetables is to incorporate them into your meals in a less noticeable way. 

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