Using Reviews as Guides to Shop for Tequila

August 26, 2020

When it comes to buying alcoholic drinks, you could have the slightest idea about the best brand to choose from. Except you have favorites, you may need all the help you can get about finding the best kind. You can learn a lot from review sites and quickly find what others have to say about their experience with a particular brand. You can find reviews for all the types of alcohol using google search and navigate through for those that mention tequila. Or you go straight and type the best tequilas and see what pops up. 

There is nothing special about tequila, you may think, but for the real lovers of the Mexican variety drink, it is more than just alcohol. It goes beyond the trip you may get when you shoot a few glasses, and the experience begins right from the pouring. If you are a regular at the bar, you may have noticed the barman taking his time to pour the drink. 

It’s art and craft, which involves whisking, stirring, smelling, tasting, and then swallowing. And you can only experience the real deal when you drink the best tequila. So how then do you use reviews to shop for the best options? You can find out more in the section below. 

  1. Aroma 

Remember that your tequila experience involves smell, and you want a drink that doesn’t throw your nose off. Depending on the brand, you could find ones with a soft or strong alcoholic scent. You can find some that smell with a hint of fruit, chocolate, or even herb. And it all depends on the ingredients added in the mix. 

  1. Taste 

Tequila has a traditional agave taste, which could be accented with citrus, wood, vanilla, or any other spicing. So you want to watch out for what others have to say about its taste. Many brands usually have their unique formula, which makes theirs different from others. This makes it possible to find one that you would quickly feel at home with. You can find more here on how to taste tequila. 

  1. Packaging

If you would be buying a couple of bottles, you want them to arrive in the best packaging, so you want to ensure that the drink is bottled correctly. Tequilas are usually sold in glass bottles packed in a case or cardboard, and you want to sure that the alcohol is contained in quality glass. 

  1. Locally Grown

Tequila is native to Mexico, which is why the best types are usually made from the Mexican highlands. While not every bottle owes its origin to North America’s Spanish mountains, some of the tastiest agave plants have been known to come from that part. To ensure quality, you should choose a family-owned brand with years of experience honing the craft. 

  1. Consider Age 

The older the berry, the sweeter the juice, the same goes for the agave plant. Most distillers allow the añejo to sit in oak barrels for a year to achieve the original taste and aroma. But some of the best brands will enable theirs to sit for longer, some up to ten years. This helps to increase the smell, taste, and also influences the color of the drink. 

  1. Shopping Experience 

When shopping through review sites, you want to consider the experience of other buyers. How long was the shipping time, and what condition was the goods in when it arrived? This site,, will help you to get a clearer picture of what to get when you buy from them. While you may want to buy directly from the brand’s website, it is common to find third-party sellers with mouth-watering offers. 

  1. Price 

You can also find out how much a bottle of tequila would cost you from a review site. If the price is not clearly stated, you can follow the product link to the merchant site and see how much it costs. It is possible to find options that cost less than $50, but some celebrity brands could require a few hundred dollars to own. 

Final Note 

Reviews are an excellent place to learn about any product, and there are a good number of them available for tequilas. You may want to check with a bartender to find some of the best options or get a taste at your own expense before settling for a bottle.