Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

May 22, 2020
Minnie Mouse Cucake

Who here loves Minnie Mouse? If you’re a fan of those cute Mickey Mouse ears and that adorable bow, you’re going to be over the moon excited to make these delicious and simple Minnie Mouse Cupcakes. All you need to do is channel your inner Disney fan to get started!

The best part about making these simple Disney cupcakes is that they’re really fun to make. There’s just something so exciting about whipping these up that is certain to put a smile on your face. Make this a family-friendly baking event and let everyone join in on the fun. 

Because we all know that those who help in baking and making the food are also some of the first ones that get to taste-test them as well! 

How do you know when your cupcakes are done baking in the oven? 

The easiest way is to give them the toothpick test! After the timer goes off indicating that they’re done, take a clean toothpick and insert it into the middle of a cupcake. If it comes out clean without any type of batter on it, they’re done and ready to be pulled. However, if there is batter, they’re going to need a little more time. 

What flavors of frosting would go well with these Minnie Mouse Cupcakes?

While this recipe calls for vanilla, change up the flavor if you want! You can try a cream cheese frosting so that you’re keeping the color white but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide. I just love frosting so for me, it’s all a win-win!

Just be certain that whatever frosting you choose, it’s a thicker frosting that’s going to be strong enough to hold up the Oreo ears. 

Are you ready to get this simple cupcake recipe? You’ll be enjoying bite after bite in no time at all.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

How to make Minnie Mouse Cupcakes


Makes 24 cupcakes

1 box of Devil’s Food cake mix

1 cup of water

3 large eggs

⅓ cup of vegetable oil

48 Oreos 

3 tubs of vanilla frosting

Hot pink fondant 

1M Wilton tip

1 Wilton disposable piping bag

1 bow silicone fondant mold 

Pink polka dot cupcake liners


Preheat oven to 350 F

Grease sides and bottoms of each cup of your cupcake baking pan

Blend cake mix, oil, eggs and water in a large bowl (follow the instructions on your specific box of cake mix) 

Pour batter in cupcake pan and bake for 18-21 minutes

Let the cupcakes cool completely before frosting

Cupcakes and a frosting bag and tip


While cupcakes are cooling, cut the tip of the bag and the insert the 1M Wilton tip, then add the

frosting to fill the bag, leaving enough space at the top in order to twist the bag so frosting will not leak out.

Once cupcakes are completely cooled, frost with the vanilla frosting. 

Add 2 Oreo cookies on each side of the cupcake to create Minnie ears.

Silicone Bow mold and foundant

Minnie Pink Bows

Knead the fondant until pliable

Lightly brush your bow mold with powder sugar

Take 1 tablespoon of pink fondant and push into your bow mold

Create 24 pink bow

Place each pink bow between the 2 Oreos


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