Caramel Vanilla Dalgona Coffee

May 15, 2020
Caramel Vanilla Dalgona Coffee in a glass with milk

I love coffee. Everyone that knows me personally will agree. I work 12 hours shifts at my job, and I rely on coffee to get me threw my long day. I love lattes, frappuccinos, and expresso. As the Dalgona Coffee craze started, I was excited to try it. So I can up with my version of this delicious coffee. I was looking forward to making it for the first time.

This recipe is called Caramel Vanilla Dalgona Coffee. First, you will need your favorite high-quality brand of Instant Coffee. I usually purchase whole bean coffee, so Instant coffee is something I rarely use.

Add instant coffee, boiling water, and granulated sugar to a glass mixing bowl and use a hand mixer to mix until all the ingredients incorporate and create a thick whipped consistency.

There is no need to bring out the handy Kitchen Aid for this recipe unless you are not willing to patiently wait for the coffee to come to the right consistency, this takes about 6 minutes of your time.

I was very intrigued by this recipe. Who would have thought you could mix instant coffee, boiling water and sugar and get a whipped coffee experience you will never forget. This coffee creation is something that I will make time and time again. I love it. Adding the caramel syrup and vanilla syrup to this recipe makes it extra special. I hope you try my version of the trending Dalgona Coffee recipe and I, hope you enjoy it.

Caramel Vanilla Dalgona Coffee in a glass

Recipe For Caramel Vanilla Dalgona Coffee

Makes: 1 drink Prep Time: 6 minutes 


  1. In medium bowl combine instant coffee, sugar, and hot water.
  2. Using a hand mixer beat about 3-4 minutes until thickened and doubled in size.
  3. The mixture should have stiff peaks.
  4. In glass of choice add ice, syrups, and milk.
  5. Top with fluffy coffee mixture.
  6. *optional** top with cinnamon and a few sprinkles of Instant Coffee for garnish
  7. Serve and m.ix with straw or spoon before drinking. 


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