Is Food Made With Air Fryers Healthy?

March 12, 2020

Is Food Made With Air Fryers Healthy?

The first step in eating healthy is getting the right ingredients that are GMO-free and realizing what works for you the best. The next step is to have equipment that will process those foods properly. When you want to be your own chef you need to learn a few basic things when it comes to cooking. There is no doubt you will fail a few times before making your favorite dish.

Fryers are just a part of your kitchen gadgets you should have for a quick and healthy meal. They use a fan to make sure everything is properly cooked. They are mostly used because there is lower content of calories. You won’t need to submerge the food into the oil you’ll just need a tablespoon to achieve the taste wanted.

Cutting down the Fat

Compared to other cooking methods, deep-fried food is usually higher in fat. If you take a chicken and fry it, it will have 30% more fat compared to roasted chicken. A lot of people compared air fryers to other methods and some claim that the difference can get up to 70%. Get more information here:

Deep fryers will use up to 40 times more oil but also some of it isn’t absorbed by the food. This is the major reason why overall fat content is lower and why it will impact your diet. There were studies done on French fries made in both ways and the result was clear, the color was similar but there were less fat and moisture content. If you use traditional ways to make them and you do it for a few times a week, there is a high risk of heart diseases.

Harmful Compounds in Food

Besides being higher in calories, the issue occurs when you use ovens and other products for a long period of time so potentially dangerous compounds may form. One of them is acrylamide which occurs during cooking on high temperatures like when you fry. Scientists aren’t sure if it is carcinogen but there are some traces.

An obvious advantage is that with an air fryer you will have less acrylamide content. The number goes up to 90% depending on how much you use it. This doesn’t exclude any harmful compounds that can form but the difference is significant. There is still room for improvement and you can always spend more time maintaining your kitchen equipment than usual. Click here to read more.

Effects on Health

It won’t matter what method of cooking you use when there is oil involved. There still will be some health risks even if you air-fry so it’s better to find a few recipes that have fewer bad ingredients. A study that was done on more than 10,000 people showed that there is a greater risk of heart failure when eating more fried meals. Other researchers found out that deep-fried meals can be associated with many types of cancer.

Other conditions that may happen include high blood pressure and type 2-diabetes. These are very common nowadays and people generally don’t react with a lot of concern because there is no pain associated but they are very dangerous conditions in the long term. If you really want to change your eating habits, switch to steaming, roasting and baking in order to avoid bad effects on your health.

Does It Affect Your Fat Loss?

You will hear many professionals say that abs are made in the kitchen and that is almost true. You need to train to get them but the biggest part is the low-calorie diet. One of the things that air fryers are great in is to keep calorie level low even if fried foods are associated with obesity. Switching to air method is a good thing but you need to be careful what you cook.

A daily dose of French fries will still be a bad move so eat more vegetables. It’s very easy to find a diet that will suit your budget and remember to change it from time to time. These products will only make it easier for you to lose weight because it will be more fun to make meals. You can also use the opportunity to provide a better eating habit for people you live with.