5 Instant Pot Soups That Will Keep Off The Weight

March 20, 2018


Spring season is almost coming to an end and summer beckons. You’re looking to get a head start to that rocking summer bod. There’s just one thing, you’re hard-pressed for time, and you’re looking for delicious quick fixings to satisfy the foodie monster that resides within. Worry not. Pull out the pots and bring out the bowls for these five instant pot soups that will fill you up and keep those extra pounds at bay.

1. Butternut squash soup
You orange beauty… We adore you in so many ways.
Butternut squash soup is global comfort food, if you’ve got an hour to kill, combine butternut, a few vegetables, and good chicken stock. Butternut packs up a mean serving of vitamins A and C and loads of fiber for proper digestive function.

2. Spring Minestrone Soup
If you’re on a busy schedule, the last thing you want is to come home to bang on pots and pans. Well, with this hearty soup, you can make the most of springtime foods. What’s more? You can pack in smaller containers, freeze, and pop one out every time you feel like a quick meal.
The potatoes provide a nice thickness, while the beef stock offers that robust, meaty flavor. While it involves plenty of vegetables, it packs a wallop of energy per serving at about 220kcal.

3. Zuppa Toscana
Saying Zuppa Toscana makes you want to throw on an apron and whip up something exotic, doesn’t it? Well, this homemade variation of the popular Olive Garden fave will cost a lot less and taste a lot better if YOU make it.
Spinach or kale can go in this soup, but spinach shrinks more than kales. How hot you like your soup? You can use mild sausage or spicy sausage. The chicken broth that goes into the soup provides an excellent calm base for it. You can throw in bacon bits, but the flavor of this hearty treat should be just fine without it.

4. Cream of asparagus soup
If you know what’s good for you, you will take advantage of fresh in-season asparagus. The only downside to asparagus is that you don’t get to enjoy it too much. Cream of asparagus soup should take you about 40 minutes to have ready, but you can always freeze a few servings. (We recommend fresh servings each time, though.) It contains calories below 200per serving. The chicken broth paired with the lemon and sour cream explodes in your mouth leaving you wanting more of this spring treat.

5. Vegetable soup

Some people will call this detox soup, but we think the body takes care of the detox bit on its own. Additionally, as a disclaimer, not everyone will jump on board the full vegetable soup wagon. You can be sure, however, that this soup has one thing going for it; plenty of health benefits.
Featuring beans, cabbage, zucchini, and broccoli, the vegetable soup can be a snack or a full meal, depending on how full you’d like to be. The bell peppers, celery, and carrots make it extra colorful and savory. This soup has sautéed onions and garlic in it, but you can always go for the oil-free variations.
Play around with the recipe. You can use shredded chicken or turkey but be sure to avoid potatoes.
Cooking up these soups should keep your kitchen mess-free since they’re one-pot soups. You can freeze them and have them anytime. However, always check for any funky smells. They’re best enjoyed fresh and hot. Serve with salads or if you must, whole meal bread on the side.
Slurp slurp!!


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