Making My Own DIY Products Is Fun

June 30, 2016



SCROLL DOWN FOR GIVEAWAY ENTRIESI have been making my own DIY beauty products and laundry soap for a while now. I wish I had started this sooner but I’m glad I’m doing it now. For months I have been saving quite a bit of money making my own laundry detergent. I use only a tablespoon per load. I bought a Panda XB 45 portable washer to use in my apartment on Amazon. My DIY laundry soap is perfect to use with this machine.
After doing this for months I began making my own all natural deodorant, lip balm, body wash, hand
soap and lotion bars. My friends and family love it. I purchased most of my supplies from Amazon
because I enjoy the fast shipping of prime. I ordered some raw unrefined honey in bulk and this is great for my body wash. I try to use organic all natural ingredients in my DIY products. I love using essential oils but have used fragrance oils in some of it.  Using essential oils
in my laundry detergent has not worked very well for me. I noticed the essential oils tend to stain my clothes. I am now using a scent booster or just leaving it all natural without scent. I love using Zote soap and found a good deal on EBay to purchase in bulk.
I purchased a lotion bar mold from Amazon and made some really good chocolate vanilla lotion bars. They smell amazing. I used all natural cocoa butter for this.I really enjoy making my own DIY products at home. I love the all natural deodorant. This has worked really well and now
I don’t have to buy it at the store anymore. Plus it is all natural with no harsh dangerous chemicals. Most deodorants¬† contain aluminum. Making it myself is great because I know exactly what goes into it.
What do you think about all natural DIY products? I would like to know.

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