Soda Stream Source ~ Making Soda At Home A Breeze

June 28, 2014

I am not a big soda drinker anymore. But occasionally will enjoy a soda.I had never heard of  Soda Stream until I talked with a friend of mine and she told me that she loved hers. 

When I was approved to review the Soda Stream Source I was excited. I received the package by UPS, A fairly big box.  I was very delighted with all the different products that the company sent for me to try.

I received the white Soda Stream Source machine with the following products: 3 pack  Variety My Water Syrup, Diet Pink Grapefruit Soda Mix, Cola Naturally Sweetened Syrup, Kool  Aid Tropical Punch Soda Mix, Soda Caps Variety Pack, Ocean Spray Syrup,Cosmopolitan Cocktail Syrup, Carbonated Canister and one Carbonated Bottle.

 I unpacked my Soda Stream and all of the goodies in the box. I was very excited to get started. The machine comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. You simple take the cover off the back of the machine, remove the seal from the  carbonating canister and place the canister inside the machine and screw it in. Replace the cover and you are ready to go. 

I filled my carbonated bottle with regular tap water but prefer filtered water.  Fill the water to the line. Pull out the silver bottle loader toward you and insert your bottle. Snap lock by pushing up and back. You have a choice as to how much you carbonate the water. There are three lights that light up when you press down to start the carbonating process. 1st LED from the bottom is for light fizz, 2nd for medium fizz and 3rd for high fizz. 

I wanted  maximum carbonation so I stopped at the third level.  The machine makes a noise but that is normal. When your done carbonating the water you simply release the bottle. I learned the hard way not to add the syrup immediately after you carbonate.  if you add the syrup to soon it  can make a huge mess. Bubbling up all over the place like shown in the picture above.
Just wait a few seconds then add your syrup.  

Over the next several days I tried a variety of the syrups ,soda caps and the  My Water Syrups. I am not a fan of the my water flavors. I guess  because they are unsweetened and to me just didn’t taste that good. 

I am a huge fan of orange soda in the can. i tried the orange flavor Soda Cap with my Soda Stream and fell in love with it. I think I like it better than the canned orange soda because of the home-made taste.

I really had fun making soda with the Soda Caps. You simply press them in the opening of the bottle and twist. To incorporate the syrup , simply place the cap on the carbonating  bottle and tilt back and forth a few times.  

 I took my  Soda Stream to a friend’s house and made her the lemon lime soda. She loved it.  I feel like a kid in a candy store with this machine. I just can’t get enough of  it. I have been making soda like crazy for about a week, trying out all the flavors.  I am very impressed  with the Soda Stream Source and think it is amazing.  My soda  stayed  carbonated pretty good because I always give it a little extra zap.  

Have you tried the Soda Stream Source? You can purchase at a variety of stores or online. You can get a starter kit for  a little over $100 . If you really enjoy it like me and  use up your  syrups pretty fast it can get a bit expensive  but overall well worth it. I am giving the Soda Stream a thumbs up.  Try it for yourself.

All photos are copyright of

Disclosure: I received  the Soda Stream Source and
a variety of products free of charge for this review. All opinions 
are my own.

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