A Tribute To Dad & Chocolate Covered Strawberries For Mother’s Day

May 10, 2014

I cannot believe how fast time goes  by. This is my first post
in quite some time because of the recent death of my 
Dad.  I took his death really hard. We were pretty close
and I went to visit him often. Even though most
of the time we just sat around talking and drinking coffee
 this was the best times of my life.
 I was pretty devastated when he died.  I haven’t felt
like doing much of anything.  I can remember going
to my dads all the time and telling him things about
my blog and even though he didn’t understand to much
about it he would always listen. 
I know he would want me to go on with my life
and not give up the things that I love because of
his death.  So this post is for you daddy. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  For Mother’s Day

I decided to make some home made chocolate dipped strawberries
for my mom for Mother’s Day instead of buying them already
made. I melted the dark  Ghiradelli Chocolate Wafers and used
some white chocolate to drizzle over the top.  The Ghiradelli
dark chocolate wafers are really good. The chocolate is 
already tempered. All you have to do is melt and dip.
Perfect for chocolate dipped  fruits. 

Chocolate  Dipped Strawberries

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers
Ghiradelli White Chocolate Bar
wax paper

Rinse and dry strawberries. Melt  chocolate in double
boiler. Dip strawberries in dark chocolate and place on
wax paper to dry. Melt white chocolate and drizzle
over dark chocolate layer. Place strawberries on
wax paper to dry. Refrigerate and serve to mom.
She will love it.


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