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June 10, 2012
 I have been looking forward to the weekend this 
week. Another workweek is done, it is time 
to sit back relax and enjoy a visit with one of my friends. 

We had a great lunch. I prepared  Cajun Chicken Wraps. I get extra points to indulge  on my Weight
 Watchers plan, so I decided today would be the 
perfect time to  enjoy good food, good company and
 try  a variety of Daily’s cocktails.

I received  compensation to purchase a variety
 of Daily’s cocktails from Walmart. I have seen this
 product in the grocery store and Walmart many 
times but have never tried them. I purchased the Pomegranate Acai, Margarita, 
Peach Daiquiri, and  Strawberry Daiquiri  frozen
 pouches at $ 1.97 per pouch. I  think this is a real   bargain.

The alcohol is already in the pouch, so there is no premixing or messy clean up. 
Daily’s pouches contain 5 % or 10 proof alcohol. I placed the pouches in the freezer overnight and this
 morning; they were perfectly frozen 
and slushy. 

I don’t  drink  much alcohol only on special occasions.
 I have always loved margaritas and frozen drinks. However, hate the messy clean up when preparing them at home. I like the  convenience
 of the Daily’s pouch, being able to take it straight
 from the freezer, rip it open and serve.

About Daily’s 

In 1960, Daily’s began as a company that delivered 
fresh orange juice door to door in the Pittsburgh suburb of  
Verona. The original name of the company was Daily 
Orange Juice. As other juice flavors were added the 
company changed its name to Daily Juice Products.

My Review

I loved the taste of  all the  flavors that I purchased. I
like the fact there is a generous amount 10 fl oz in
every pouch and no strong alcohol taste. The Peach
Daiquiri  was my favorite flavor,although   the strawberry 
and Pomegranate Acai were amazing.  I got to try all four 
flavors and was  very impressed with the quality of the 

Disclosure: I received compensation to purchase Daily’s
pouches to review. I will be entered in a drawing for an
outdoor wooden cooler and visa gift card.  I will be 
receiving a Daily’s beach towel.


The Giveaway

(For my readers 21 and up only!)

Daily’s is giving away to three of my lucky

readers a Daily’s beach towel. Simply follow

the instructions on the rafflecopter  widget to 

enter. Good luck to you.

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