Berry Topped French Toast

June 7, 2012

The work week is done and this morning I woke up

early and was racking my brain trying to figure out
what I wanted for breakfast. I have been on the Weight Watchers plan now a little over a month and going strong.I have lost almost 14 pounds! I’m very excited. I don’t feel deprived at all because I can still enjoy the foods I love but in moderation.

This morning I was craving French Toast. I have not had french toast in years. Can you believe that? So I decided to indulge this morning.  This french toast recipe makes a single serving and is about give or take 9 points plus on the Weight Watchers plan.  I had some left over Dole mixed frozen berries  that I used in a previous recipe so I decided to top my yummy french toast with berries and a little confectioners sugar. This recipe takes literally seconds to put together. I baked my french toast in the oven in a pan sprayed with Pam olive oil spray. The toast was beautifully golden brown on both sides. I hope you will enjoy this french toast recipe as much as I did this morning. 

Beat egg. Add remaining ingredients and whisk together. Dip bread in mixture and let soak for 1 minutes. Preheat oven to 350.Bake  for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
Top with fresh berries and confectioners sugar.

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