My Weight Watchers Diet

May 5, 2012

Well I have finally found a great weight loss 
program that I am starting. I have been on the
Weight Watchers plan now for 5 days. I have lost 4 pounds.
I am so proud of myself. I have been wanting to lose weight
for a while now and finally found something that works. 

I love  the Weight Watchers Plan. I don’t have time
to attend the meetings but I am doing the program online. 
I get 29 points a day plus another 49 a week for
treats, snacks and desserts. Wow!! i thought I would
feel hungry and deprived but I don’t feel that way at all.

I can still eat regular food and even go out to eat. I love
the way you just log on and add your foods. Then 
your food is automatically calculated. I know I should
have been eating healthier and now I finally found
something that truly works.  I even got to eat ice cream today. 

Weight Watchers has some yummy frozen treats at the grocery store and I also stocked up on the Smart Ones Meals which I love.Weight Watchers is about portion size. It gives you so many points for whatever foods you are choosing to eat. I never new losing weight could be so easy and fun. They also
have some yummy recipes for quick meals and even desserts.
I will post more about that later. Are you a Weight Watcher?
I now am and love it!

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