September 19, 2011
I would first like to thank Truly Texas for being
a sponsor in my Food Frenzy Mega Blog
Giveaway.  I received 4 jars of Truly Texas
Salsa to review prior to my Food Frenzy Giveaway. 
I was so excited to find a  food sponsor from
the good ole state of Texas where I am from. I received
Texas Fiesta Black Bean &Corn Salsa, Truly Texas
Salsa Medium, Fire Roasted Salsa and Green Chile Salsa 
to review.

I tried the   Texas Fiesta Black Bean & Corn salsa first.
Immediately I was in heaven. It was so good. I couldn’t
stop eating it.  It is made with black beans, corn and 
tomatoes. I’m telling you it didn’t last long and I didn’t
share..ha ha. I forgot to take a pic of this salsa.The jar was gone
before I realized it. But I guess you can tell this was most
definite my favorite of the Truly Texas Salsas that I reviewed.

Next I tried the  Green Chile Salsa.I loved this salsa. It
is chunky and thick just the way I love it. Delicious
in my opinion.

Fire Roasted Salsa 

I loved the fire roasted salsa.
This salsa was also delicious. It is made with slow roasted
tomatoes then combined with zesty vegetables and  a special
blend of spices. 

Salsa Medium
Not to hot, also thick and chunky just the way I like it.
Made with tomatoes, onions,  and jalapeno peppers. Adds
a little gusto to any meal.   

I would recommend you pick up some jars to try
for yourself. Truly Texas salsa is truly one of 
the best salsas I have tasted to date. Just my personal
opinion, this product is amazing.  

Disclosure: For this review I  received free of charge 4 jars
of Truly Texas Salsa to review. No monetary compensation
was received. 

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