September 20, 2011

Recently we had a dinner at work and I needed a quick 

easy dessert to take with me. I didn’t have a whole
lot of time to make something but wanted a dessert that
was  a breeze to make and  delicious. Well, while  visiting Mommy’s Kitchen, I picked up a quick easy Kool Aid Pie recipe that would be the perfect dessert for the occasion, so I decided to make it.

I chose the lemonade Kool Aid and strawberry to make two pies

to take to work. I couldn’t believe  how easy these pies were 
to make. And let me tell you the lemonade pie  was gone by early afternoon. I had a little of the strawberry 
left over so I brought it home to enjoy myself.  

Thank you Tina, for this great yummy Kool Aid pie recipe.

These are the ingredients you will need. Graham Cracker Pie Crust, 8oz Cool Whip, 1 package Kool Aid(your choice.) 1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk. I used a 16 oz container of Cool Whip because I was making two pies. I also used a fresh lemon, Reddi Whip and fresh strawberries for garnish.

First step is to mix Cool Whip, Kool Aid, and Eagle
Brand Milk together. Poor into graham cracker crust. Garnish
with  Reddi Whip and fresh fruit. So easy and so yummy.

I did the same thing with the strawberry flavored Kool
Aid. But I think I like the lemonade better.

Kool Aid Pie
Cool Whip 8 oz container
1 package Kool Aid(any flavor)
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 Graham Cracker Pie Crust

I garnished my pies with Reddi Whip and fresh fruit.
Recipe adapted from Mommy’s Kitchen. 


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