Saturday, November 2, 2013

Woolzie Dryer Balls Review & Giveaway

I received the opportunity to review for Woolzies Dryer Balls.
I was very interested in this product when I heard about
it on Facebook. So I contacted the company
and I received the  package last week.

I do all my laundry on Friday every week.  Normally

I don't use any fabric softener on my clothes. I know this
sounds strange but  I really have never used fabric softener.
I find that most of the liquid fabric softeners have
a really strong overpowering smell.  So when I received 
Woolzies I was excited to review this product.

Woozlies are made from New Zealand Wool, all 
natural and do not contain harsh chemicals.
You get six dryer balls in a box.

 I tossed the balls in the dryer and when I removed the clothes I was amazed. My clothes were soft and there was no
static. I really loved the fact that I accomplished
all this without having to use the harsh chemical
fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

 Woolzies  are good for 1000 loads and reduces your drying time by 25%. I use them every time  I do
laundry now. I really love this product and I am
very glad that I got to try it.

Woolzie Dryer Balls are an amazing product.
 I hope that you will try them.Good for you
and the environment.

Would you like to win a box of Woolzies to try in your
own home?  This is a $30 value. One lucky reader of Welcome
To My Kitchen will win a box of Woolizes. Simply enter the 
giveaway below.

Disclosure: I received free of charge a box of 
Woolzies Dryer Balls for this review. All thoughts
and opinions are my own and not influenced by
the company or product received.